• What to Do If Your Pet Gets Lost

    Sep 01 2015

    Lifelearn Admin | blog

    Did you know that one in three pets will be lost at some point during their lifetimes? Here at your local Lafayette, LA veterinary clinic, we truly hope that none…

  • Get Your Cat’s Weight Under Control

    Aug 15 2015

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    Your orange tabby Taffy has always made a stunning impression. This six-year-old girl’s colorful coat and picture-perfect figure have given her “television star” good looks. Her quality diet and regular…

  • Does Your Dog Have Thunderstorm Anxiety?

    Aug 01 2015

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    Your Labrador retriever Chance is the most fearless pooch you’ve ever met. This muscular four-year-old canine races through the dog park at a dead run, veering just before he careens…

  • Doggy Paw Care

    Jul 15 2015

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    Do you have a furry best buddy who waits for you to come home, and then jumps for joy and happily greets you with tail wags and doggy kisses? As…

  • Warning Signs That Your Cat Needs to See a Vet

    Jul 15 2015

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    Cats aren’t always easy to understand. Fluffy might be purring and cuddly one moment and completely aloof the next. Kitties certainly do like to retain their aura of mystery! When…

  • Understanding Your Dog

    Jul 01 2015

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    Perhaps because dogs are capable of forming very powerful bonds with their human owners, we often think of them as both friends and family members. One thing that is easy…

  • Keeping Your Bird Entertained

    Jun 01 2015

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    Do you have a feathered buddy in your home? Our avian friends make wonderful pets. Their bright colors, lovely sounds, and cute personalities have earned them many loyal fans. Life…

  • 5 Reasons Guinea Pigs Rule

    May 15 2015

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    Are you considering getting a pet Guinea pig? Also known as cavies, these sweet little furballs are very popular as pocket pets. Cavies might be tiny, but they have big…

  • What to Do if Your Cat Chokes

    May 01 2015

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    If you have a kitty, chances are you may have heard your feline pal choking and gagging from time to time. While Fluffy has a reputation for being finicky, she…

  • Signs of Illness in Birds

    Apr 15 2015

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    Do you have a little feathered friend in your home? Birds are both beautiful and enchanting. These colorful, lively winged creatures make excellent pets, so it’s no surprise that have…