Apr 15 2015

Signs of Illness in Birds

Do you have a little feathered friend in your home? Birds are both beautiful and enchanting. These colorful, lively winged creatures make excellent pets, so it’s no surprise that have some very dedicated fans! As a responsible owner, you’ll want to be able to identify any signs of illness in your pet.

Birds aren’t always easy to read, so you will need to know what to look for. In this article, a local Carenco vet discusses signs of illness in birds.


In order to be able to spot any unusual behavior, you’ll need to get to know Polly, so you know what her normal disposition is. That said, there are a few common warning signs of illness that many of our feathered friends share.

Birds that sit quietly on their cage floors; bob their tails; seem dizzy or off-balance; or keep their heads tucked beneath their wings when awake may be ill. Sometimes birds will act aggressive when they aren’t feeling well. Changes in appetite or thirst are also warning signs.

Physical Appearance

Open-mouthed breathing; swollen eyelids; redness or discharge from the eyes or beak; changes in the color, shape, or appearance of your bird’s beak; and discharge of any type are all signs that a bird could be ill. Changes in skin color; lesions; and an inflamed cere can also indicate sickness.

If your pet’s feathers are tattered, or if your bird is feather-pulling, she could be ill. Sometimes a bird’s appearance will change slightly due to age, growth, diet, or breeding cycles. Do thorough research on Polly’s breed, so you know what to expect.


We know, examining your pet’s droppings probably isn’t your favorite part of being a pet owner, but you should keep an eye out for anything unusual while you’re cleaning Polly’s cage. Changes in your pet’s droppings can be a red flag that something serious is wrong.

Black, green, or bloody-colored stools can all be indications of serious problems. An increase in urine can also be a sign of illness. If you see anything out of the ordinary, or notice changes in the smell, color, texture, or amount of your pet’s waste, contact us immediately.

If your feathered buddy displays any of these symptoms, contact us, your Carenco vet clinic, immediately! The sooner your beloved pet is diagnosed and treated, the better the odds of a good outcome!

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