Jun 01 2015

Keeping Your Bird Entertained

Do you have a feathered buddy in your home? Our avian friends make wonderful pets. Their bright colors, lovely sounds, and cute personalities have earned them many loyal fans. Life in a cage can get a bit dull, however, so in order for your winged pal to thrive, you’ll need to provide plenty of suitable entertainment options. In this article, a Lafayette vet offers advice on keeping your feathered friend entertained.


Birds need a variety of playthings to keep them from getting bored. Ladders and swings are very popular toys among our avian friends. Other fun bird toys include hanging toys, puzzle toys, and bells. Even a phone book can be entertaining for your pet!

Remember to change Polly’s toys out frequently to keep things fresh and exciting. Always put your feathered pal’s safety first: avoid toys with sharp edges or small pieces that could cut or choke your pet, and only let her play with rope toys under supervision.


Mirrors can make fun bird toys. While some of our avian buddies love to preen and watch themselves, others see their mirror image as a rival. Keep an eye on Polly to ensure she doesn’t get agitated at the sight of her own reflection.

Food Toys

Most pets love treats, and birds are no exception! When giving your pet a snack, present it in an interesting, but safe, way. Popcorn and pasta strings, for instance, can be lots of fun for Polly. Even uncooked spaghetti can amuse your winged friend.


Consider getting your a play gym, so Polly has somewhere fun to perch when she is out of her cage. Some cages have removable playtop cages, but you can also buy bird playgrounds, or make your own.

Free Time

Make sure Polly gets at least a few hours outside her cage each day. Use some of Polly’s ‘recess’ to spend some quality time with her. Let her sit on your finger as you watch TV, or just read or talk to her!


Does your winged friend spend a lot of time home alone while you’re at work? If so, leave a TV or radio on for her. The stimulation will help keep Polly from becoming lonely and depressed.
Do you have questions about your bird’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us, your Lafayette vet clinic, for all your pet’s veterinary care needs!

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