May 15 2015

5 Reasons Guinea Pigs Rule

Are you considering getting a pet Guinea pig? Also known as cavies, these sweet little furballs are very popular as pocket pets. Cavies might be tiny, but they have big personalities, and lots to offer! In this article, a local Carenco veterinarian lists five reasons Guinea pigs are awesome!

The Cute Factor

First and foremost, Guinea pigs are super cute! These tiny furballs have some very endearing mannerisms, such as hopping up and down when they’re happy. There are few things more adorable than a playful cavy! You won’t need to break the bank to keep your furry little buddy entertained, either. Many common household items, like cardboard toilet-paper rolls, can be upcycled into adorable cavy toys.

They’re Easy To Care For

It’s quite easy to keep Guinea pigs in a state of bliss. Just make sure you give your pet nutritious food, fresh hay, and plenty of clean water, along with the occasional snack. A clean, comfortable home and lots of suitable toys will round out your little furball’s basic needs, and make your home a cavy paradise. You won’t need to worry about walking your pet, or taking him to the park. Cavies won’t dig up your yard, or scratch up your furniture. You can also teach your tiny furball to use a litter box, which makes cleaning much easier!

They’re Gentle

As long as they have been properly socialized, Guinea pigs are usually very docile and friendly. Biting, scratching, and other aggressive behaviors are quite rare with cavies. This is one reason they are so popular as children’s pets!

They Make Adorable Sounds

These little furballs make some very adorable noises. Your furry little pal might squeak, chirp, chatter, or even purr! Some Guinea pig sounds are so unique that they are best described with unconventional words, like burbling or wheeking.

They Can Do Tricks

Okay, you may not be able to teach your little buddy to fetch your slippers, but your furry little pal can learn some charming tricks, like jumping through hoops, turning in circles, or coming when called. You can even teach your cavy to walk on a leash! Do you have questions about caring for a Guinea pig? Does your pocket pet need veterinary care? Contact us any time! As your local Carenco vet clinic, we are happy to assist with all of your pet’s veterinary care needs!

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