Sep 15 2015

5 Easy Ways to Pamper Your Cat

Does your kitty have you wrapped around that cute little paw of hers? If so, you’re not alone! Our feline friends have a way of melting our hearts with their adorable faces and cute mannerisms.

While providing Fluffy with food and water, a clean litter box, and a few comfy napping spots will see to her basic needs, kitties are very good at getting us to spoil them! Below, a local Lafayette, LA vet lists five easy ways to pamper your cat.

Window Views

As you’ve probably noticed, cats absolutely love to lounge around. Give your kitty a comfy napping spot before a window that offers a view of birds or squirrels, or even a busy street. This will provide beneficial mental stimulation, and keep Fluffy occupied for hours.

High Places

When Kitty lived in the wild, she spent a lot of time in trees. They offered her safety, shelter, a vantage point, and a manicure station, all in one. Therefore, it’s no surprise that kitties love multi-storied cat towers! Consider getting your feline friend a good, solid cat tower, so that she can look down on you with that smug, satisfied look cats do so well!


Playing is great for cats, both physically and mentally. Because our feline friends are hunters by nature, many of kitties’ playful antics mimic hunting techniques. Be sure to provide Fluffy with plenty of fun toys that engage her inner huntress, and make time to play with her every day.

Cat-Safe Plants

Kitties love to nibble cat grass, catnip, and other plants. Give your furball some fresh, cat-safe plants, and let her munch on them or peek through them. Spider plants are a good option, and are safe for cats. Just be warned: the plant may not be safe from Fluffy!


While no one is sure how much human language Fluffy understands, it’s probably safe to say she knows when she’s being spoken to. Talking to your cat is another way to let her know she’s loved. Don’t be surprised if she meows back!

Of course, there’s no reason you can’t offer your cat all of these luxuries at once! Set a cat tower up before a window with a great view, and surround it with toys and kitty-safe plants!

Please contact us, your Lafayette, LA vet clinic, for all your kitty’s veterinary care needs.

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